Over the past three years The Service Spirit has partnered our organisation to facilitate our highly regarded leadership programs. Their commitment to our people’s development has been paramount to the programs success.
Overwhelmingly, our people have come away from the leadership programs feeling they genuinely got a great deal out of it. This is without a doubt linked to The Service Spirit’s ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals and to make the programs relevant for each participant’s specific needs. Perhaps most importantly, The Service Spirit take a real interest in each participant and go above and beyond in their coaching of our people. We greatly appreciate this approach and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with The Service Spirit.
Jamieson McKinnon - HR Director SCA Hygiene Australasia.

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Our Clients

Examples of client projects

  • Design and facilitation of a two tiered 'Leadership Development Program' for senior and high potential leaders, to build a high performance culture that supported delivery of the organisational vision and strategy

  • Design and implementation of an organisation wide 'Cultural Change Program'. This project incorporated: a cultural profile, design and delivery of an 18 month 'Leadership Development Program' for senior management - CEO, Directors and Managers and a modularised ' Personal Development Program' for staff

  • Design and facilitation of a two tiered leadership program for emerging (frontline) and mid level leaders to enhance their influence and impact. This project supported the cascading of a global leadership strategy as well as providing a common language and approach across the organisation.

  • Conducted 'Leading Change' workshops with the key change agents of an organisation to enable a seamless transition to a new business model

  • Facilitation of a series of Board retreats to debate, challenge and secure commitment to the strategic direction of the organisation

  • Facilitation of a series of workshops for a senior team to develop their purpose, vision and values leading to a complete reconceptualisation of their target market and strategy

The Service Spirit - Our Services

"Kalparrin chose The Service Spirit because of their expertise and experience in assisting strategy development across a variety of industries and organisations. They were thorough and attentive in understanding our service needs and were dedicated in working alongside us to deliver tangible results. They are a pleasure to work with. "
Kalparrin Board