Passion - To influence long term sustainable change
Partnering - Our customer's success is our success
Authenticity - We are true to our promise and true to ourselves
Challenging - We trust our heads and our hearts
Curiosity - We ask and don't make assumptions

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Our purpose is to help build and nurture sustainable human communities. Our view is that the power in society today rests predominately within the business world. If we don't have leaders in business who are authentic, congruent and aligned with a higher order purpose then as a society, as a planet, we're not in good shape.

Our approach focuses on assisting leaders to better understand their own intent. It is this intent which drives their behaviour. It is this behaviour that in turn impacts people and their performance.
Intent: Our level of self awareness and the drivers of behaviour. The extent to which we converge intellect with intuition
Behaviour: Our dialogues and actions. What we say or do and what we don't say or do
Impact: How our behaviour affects people and performance. Seeing results and the tranformation of people/teams

Our focus increases individual and group capability to think and act creatively thus enhancing the organisations capacity to achieve its primary goals.

Our methodology follows four key stages

Stage 1 - Awareness
We partner with our clients to gather qualitative and quantitative data in order to establish the current reality.
Stage 2 - Design
We liaise with key stakeholders to design customised programs and workshops using the latest and most relevant global research, models and theories.
Stage 3 - Delivery
We work as a collaborative team to deliver optimum outcomes.
Stage 4 - Review
We conduct regular reviews to ensure we are building capability within the organisation and delivering measurable results.

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