I have worked with the team at The Service Spirit for several years now. Their involvement has been across a range of tasks from helping me create and engender a spirit of personal responsibility, creating a high performing leadership team (including what the behaviours of such a team would look like), to one on one intervention and coaching of individual senior managers. I have personally grown having worked with The Service Spirit. The difference The Service Spirit team has made not only in terms of culture and leadership skills but also in terms of quality and quantity of business outcomes has been significant and I am grateful for this.
Michael Rogers
General Manager
Financial Protection AXA Ltd

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The models and theories that underpin The Service Spirit services are drawn from a number of globally researched and recognised sources. The range and diversity of sources is an acknowledgement that each theory has something to offer.

At The Service Spirit we offer a range of customised services including:

Leadership Development

We have a suite of leadership development programs that are customised and designed in collaboration with our clients.

Emerging Leaders - more info » (PDF)
Mid Level Leaders - more info » (PDF)
Senior Leaders - more info » (PDF)

Leadership Coaching - more info » (PDF)
Leadership coaching is incorporated as part of our leadership development programs and can also be provided on an as needs basis.

Strategy and Team Facilitation - more info » (PDF)
We provide customised workshops for organisations and teams to enhance clarity of direction, cohesion and performance.

Cultural Profiling - more info » (PDF)
The Cultural Profile captures the actual voices from within the organisation and is used to establish the current reality in terms of organisational culture and leadership behaviours.

Questionnaires and Diagnostics - more info » (PDF)
We offer a range of questionnaires and diagnostics to support the above services. This data provides a base line for participants as well as additional personal insights to explore ways to enhance their effectiveness and to have better quality dialogues with their direct reports, managers and colleagues.

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"The Service Spirit has made an invaluable contribution to the development of our firm. A series of team building workshops has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our team work."
Peter Ramsay - Managing Director
Peter J Ramsay and Associates Pty Ltd