There are two key areas where The Service Spirit stands out for me, they are responsive in that they listen to what is going on and understand more than the spoken word. They design fun and transformational interventions.
Claire Pierce - Director Health and Information Services
Southern Health

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"Over the past three years The Service Spirit has partnered our organisation to facilitate our highly regarded leadership programs. Their commitment to our people’s development has been paramount to the programs success.
Overwhelmingly, our people have come away from the leadership program feeling they genuinely got a great deal out of it. This is without a doubt linked to The Service Spirit’s ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals and to make the programs relevant for each participant’s specific needs. Perhaps most importantly, The Service Spirit take a real interest in each participant and go above and beyond in their coaching of our people. We greatly appreciate this approach and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with The Service Spirit."

Jamieson McKinnon - HR Director
SCA Hygiene Australasia.


“Kalparrin chose The Service Spirit because of their expertise and experience in assisting strategy development across a variety of industries and organisations. They were thorough and attentive in understanding our service needs and were dedicated in working alongside us to deliver tangible results. The Service Spirit are a pleasure to work with.“

Kalparrin Board


“The Service Spirit’s passion and commitment to the work being undertaken by Bayley House and what it would mean to our clients was reflected in the way the workshops were facilitated. They kept us focused on what was important, the key issues that needed to be addressed and what we were aiming to achieve over the next 5, 10 and even 20 years. We now have a clearer idea of the journey we will be undertaking as we aim to make a difference to the clients who use our services.”

Janet Batey - Chief Executive Officer
Bayley House


"The Service Spirit has made an invaluable contribution to the development of our firm. A series of team building workshops has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our team work."

Peter Ramsay - Managing Director
Peter J Ramsay and Associates Pty Ltd


"Leadership and working as a team are critical to becoming an effective and successful organisation. Having our senior management team and other staff members undertake The Service Spirit leadership development program has enhanced our service delivery and teamwork within the organisation. The Service Spirit ran a thorough and practical program which has assisted with the professional development of staff to enable them to work towards achieving our organisational goals".

Mary Barry - CEO
Victoria State Emergency Service


"The Service Spirit’s design and delivery of leadership development programs has resulted in significant engagement and learning for leaders across our organisation. Our leaders have responded really positively to the programs and have been able to apply what they have learnt and are better equipped to lead their people."

Graeme Jacobs - Managing Director
Landmark - A Division of AWB (Australian Wheat Board)

"The Service Spirit delivered a series of client service awareness workshops across our organisation. They understood the uniqueness of our organisational structure and showed us that delivering exceptional client service is not just about providing training to staff, it's about incorporating a client service vision into the organisational strategy. The workshops were dynamic and engaging and their effectiveness was proven in our most recent client survey results."

Susan Cibau - Senior Conciliation Officer
Accident Compensation Conciliation Service


"There are two key areas where The Service Spirit stands out; they are responsive in that they listen to what is going on and understand more than the spoken word. They design fun and transformational interventions."

Claire Pierce - Director Health and Information Services
Southern Health


"SCJ has engaged The Service Spirit to deliver leadership training for all levels of leaders - senior leaders who are developing their coaching skills, new managers and experienced team leaders. The Service Spirit provides programs which are practical and targeted to the needs of individuals. The facilitators have a passion for leadership and developing others which is valued by participants. The true test of any program is behavioural change and this has been achieved by most participants. The Service Spirit is different in the level of customer service provided and the energy invested in every program."

Judy Vergison - HR Director Australia and New Zealand
SC Johnson


"I have worked with the team at The Service Spirit for several years now. Their involvement has been across a range of tasks from helping me create and engender a spirit of personal responsibility, creating a high performing leadership team (including what the behaviours of such a team would look like), to one on one intervention and coaching of individual senior managers.  I have personally grown having worked with The Service Spirit. The difference The Service Spirit team has made not only in terms of culture and leadership skills but also in terms of quality and quantity of business outcomes has been significant and I am grateful for this."

Michael Rogers - General Manager Financial Protection

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